Camille Reyes

The Medium is the Partisan Propaganda

In Uncategorized on September 18, 2008 at 4:05 am

Flipping channels on the three major networks immediately after the debate, I screamed at the television repeatedly.  ABC News, my favorite of the big three, was not immune to my shouts.  How can a station with the respected and talented George Stephanopoulos put on two other reporters to talk about “the spin coming from the campaigns.”  I watch the news to try to AVOID spin.  Yes, I know it is there in almost every story.  Some would say I “spin” for a living.  I expect them to at least try to offer fair and balanced reporting OR deliver editorial opinion from analysts/editors.  Instead, they spend five precious minutes telling me the propaganda from both sides.  Gee, thanks.

CBS was even more intolerable.  They had an interesting idea…track the real-time reactions of a group of swing voters.  So far so good.  Then, the first person the reporter goes to speak with is from Chicago, Illinois.  Uh, where did they get these people?  I bet the lady in the back row was from Phoenix.  Absurd vetting, folks.

NBC only garnered a minute of my eyeballs because they were interviewing Joe Biden when I tuned in.  Hmmm, I wonder what Joe Biden is going to say?  Ridiculous.

At least cable news has the excuse that they have to fill 24 hours.  The major networks tonight proved that they couldn’t handle less than a half hour.


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