Camille Reyes

Fire, Brimstone, and Academia

In Uncategorized on June 20, 2009 at 3:37 am

At age 35, I’m about to chuck a rocketing PR career well over a decade in the making in order to go to grad school.  I’m leaving the best company I’ve ever worked for (Waggener Edstrom) and moving across the country (that seems to be the only way I move) to enroll in New York University’s Media, Culture and Communication program.  I think I might even want to drink the tequila worm and get my PhD.  We shall see.  Some might call my choice ill advised, especially in these (cue announcer voice) “uncertain economic times.”  I call it liberating–a big fat present to me that I will be paying off until I have tennis balls on a walker.

I intend to update this blog with my new adventures in media.  I pledged to cover miscellany too, and for tonight’s installment, I want to share what a co-worker told me in the hall yesterday.  Upon learning that I was moving to NY, she said, “Oh, you’re pretty much guaranteed to get mugged or worse while you’re there, so be safe.”  First of all, have you no filter, woman?!  I’m single, five feet tall, with no meaningful right hook.  Don’t you think I’m already scared out of my mind without you, a former New Yorker, feeding me lines like that?  Listening to a sermon from Revelation would be more comforting.  

Aside from my certain doom, I think I’m going to love NYU.

  1. I lived in NYC for nine years. I was mugged three times. But that was during a time when the city was ravaged by crime, before Giuliani, regardless his faults, cleaned things up. Apparently NYC is much safer now. You have to be aware but no need to be scared.

  2. I think higher education is always a smart thing to do. You will probably get mugged, but you’ll have fun while your there. Just don’t buy anything of value, walk at night, or talk to anyone you don’t know…. j/k.

  3. I think it’s a great decision. What could go wrong? And I know that I would rather not be saying ruefully, ten years from now, “I wish I’d taken that choice”. Good luck and I’ll see you in NYC sometime!

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